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3D Modeling

DSEA implements the latest technologies to provide clients with thorough communication and the documentation mandatory for a smooth, well-coordinated project.

First Presbyterian Church of Orange, RenderingOur Building Information Management (BIM) system is a fully-integrated program in which we utilize 3D modeling technology that allows the client to experience their project from any view or location within the facility. We specialize in creating a virtual tour of the proposed project prior to the completion of any design phase, and prior to the preparation of construction documents for full efficiency and transparency.

3D modeling is one of the best and most innovative ways we can communicate the thoroughness of each project design. It allows us to easily exhibit each project in an understandable fashion while showcasing the nature of the design solutions. We can take our clients on a visual journey through each successive stage of the project. Our 3D modeling technical capabilities then allow the client to understand what is proposed with a thorough quantification of the scope of the project.

We also render our project images in innumerable ways so that it is more understandable and easily presentable to a large group of people. We also successfully utilize our BIM technology to create a building information system that tracks all aspects of the buildings for facility management as well.

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