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Project Team Approach

Our Project Team Approach focuses on the client and we enable the client to be integrally involved in the design process through our 3D modeling capabilities.

We strive to understand the requirements of every project and the desires of every team member, and by so doing, share mutual needs so that a partnering relationship results.  DSEA provides thorough documentation and coordination services and abides by the practice of partnering with each and every member of the Project Team. Only by understanding every team member’s needs and abilities can mutual understanding be accomplished.

A successful project is one that accomplishes all of its stated goals and rewards every member of the Project Team by satisfying their individual goals.  Our team also includes design and engineering consultants who are specifically selected for each project based upon their strengths and what they bring to the table for the goals and objectives of the project.

Partnering approach

  • Thorough Communication
  • Mutual Understanding of all project needs
  • Establishment of project program on written goals & objectives
  • Quality Assurance Review throughout project
  • Implementation
  • Success
  • Rewards

3D Modeling

Our 3D modeling technical capabilities allow the client to thoroughly understand what we as architects are proposing, and it also allows a more thorough quantification of the scope of the project.  Our clients therefore will have a more thorough understanding through each successive stage of the development of a project, allowing them opportunities for design input throughout the process.  The 3D modeling is one of the best ways we can communicate the thoroughness of each design project, and we can exhibit in an understandable fashion the nature of the design solution.


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