Metrolink Parking Structure


Start Date:
Sept. 2017
Completion Date:
March 2019

DSEA worked with the City of Orange, the Orange County Transit Authority and Hill International in a collaborative effort during the construction of the Metrolink Parking Structure in Orange, CA from 2018-19. The Metrolink Parking Structure project involved the removal of an existing 172-space parking lot for the construction of a five-level parking structure with two subterranean levels, one at-grade level and two above-grade levels. DSEA’s role on this project was to survey and document the physical conditions of existing historic properties as well as non-historic properties adjacent to the Metrolink Parking Structure. DSEA advised mitigating measures to protect from damage during construction after reviewing the construction documents of the parking structure project and coordinating to identify construction related issues which could impact adjoining structures.  Multiple properties adjacent and contiguous to the Parking Structure Project to the west were contributing properties to the Old Towne Historic District. In addition, there was also a non-contributing commercial property adjacent to the project. During the construction phase, DSEA observed the physical conditions of these properties at relevant intervals and crack monitor reports prepared which monitored the effects of construction activity on pre-existing cracks. DSEA prepared field reports based upon these observations and continued with this activity until it was determined and approved by the City that potentially harmful vibration inducing construction activities  were completed.