The Brickyard project is a rehabilitation and upgrade of an existing shopping center. We plan to bring this amazing space out of the shadow of the adjacent larger shopping mall so it can really stand out and shine. Designed with contemporary tall tower elements that still relate to the adjoining shopping mall, The Brickyard will provide a unique aesthetic, creating a sense of individuality for the shopping center. To make sure this project stands out and won’t look ‘dated’ in the future, we sought to implement a design based upon historical architectural portions with contemporary finishes and elements, creating a center that is updated, innovative and modern.

In its original form, The Brickyard center had very low residential forms, and tenants were not visible from the street. DSEA is transforming the center to be more visually recognizable. Structurally, DSEA utilized the existing shell building and removed the low residential roofs while elevating the parapet walls, providing each tenant with a unique appearance with an individual statement. When complete, The Brickyard will have a combination of brick veneer, contemporary stucco forms, curved metallic roofs, and contemporary steel frames, all part of a rich fabric of architectural details.