The TBN Campus and Facility Improvement is an existing office and television production studio campus comprising six buildings totaling over 155,000 SF that has been undergoing a major shift in uses and space allocation as the company 

is shifting assets around the country and repurposing the spaces that remain at the Tustin campus. These buildings were developed as separate properties, but over the years, Trinity Broadcasting Network has grown and purchased them. The goal of this campus improvement project is to create a cohesive campus consisting of corporate offices, television production studios, and supporting offices.

DSEA provided extensive campus master plan services. An existing Conditional Use Permit approved in 1978 greatly needed an update and a lengthy process ensued with several studies performed to document and verify the current uses of the site and create a baseline of data to ensure compliance with city municipal code requirements. DSEA worked with several departments within the City of Tustin to find compromises 

on several issues regarding parking, public access and ratios of allowable uses within the building. There are currently five phases to this project and the overall campus will be completed sometime in 2025.

The design was developed in collaboration with the board of directors and the specific plan that the City of Tustin has for this location. The driving factors in the development of the design of this campus is to make all the separate buildings appear to be a single facility and to create a sustainably landscaped property that meets SITES certification requirements. The building is being upgraded with solar panels, new energy efficient glazing and the site is being developed using the requirements of SITES as a guide. The end result will be a campus that enhances the city fabric and helps reduce our effect on climate change by recycling existing elements within the site, installing solar panels, reducing the urban heat island effect and restoring some of the natural habitat that once existed.