Broadview Inc. Nursing Facility


Start Date:
October 2019
Completion Date:
Design / Entitlement Approval

Broadview Inc. is a religious non-medical nursing care facility that is seeking to modernize their existing campus that originated in 1942 and has grown over time to support 60 beds which includes patient and staff housing. This is an on-the-boards project in which DSEA is currently designing upgrades which include a reorganization of existing facility spaces and functions to improve the nursing care, and additions to patient rooms and common area spaces to allow Broadview to adapt to changing needs in nursing. 

The project also includes on-site nurse housing that is physically separate from the existing nurse care facility. This housing is for nurses who work at the facility and are staff members who care for patients. The project will also bring the facility current with accessible accommodations compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The estimated costs for the project is $14M.

DSEA is currently working with the City of Los Angeles Case Management for entitlement approvals.