Concord Hampton Inn


Start Date:
October 2019
Construction is on-going and estimated to be complete Spring 2023

DSEA successfully coordinated design approval for a 4-story, 48,100sf hotel building with 86 units that included a General Plan Amendment and rezoning of the project site to Downtown Mixed Use (DTMU). The site is adjacent to a subterranean flood control channel and had to be coordinated with the Contra Costa County Flood Control District and the US Army Corps of engineers for approvals.

DSEA implemented historic elements of a Spanish colonial aesthetic which was a theme of a local city landmark that was requested for this site if the rezone was to be approved. This multi-story residential development was approved by the City of Concord Design Review Board. A site master plan effort was also required that took into consideration protection of the subterranean drainage control channel while utilizing the top for light vehicular storage. The project also had to receive Planning Commission approval. 

Currently construction documents have been prepared and approved by the Planning and Building Departments in the City of Concord. Construction recently commenced and is projected to be completed in Spring of 2023.