Orange County Buddhist Church Gymnasium


Start Date:
Jan. 2019
Completion Date:
Sept 2020

An existing 18,900 SF gymnasium in the City of Anaheim underwent an extensive modernization effort that included upgrading the HVAC system, repairing structural systems, upgrading and remodeling the existing restrooms and upgrading the site and building to create an accessible facility. Accessible improvements included upgrading all the restrooms and changing facilities, upgrading the parking area and main entry and installing a wheelchair lift to access the mezzanine. The completed project created a more modern and accessible facility ready to be used for sporting events for years to come. The design involved working with the existing outdated conditions and creating accessible features as cost effectively as possible. Challenges encountered included effectively locating and installing a new wheelchair lift to access the mezzanine and coordinating structural repairs that were discovered and necessary. We were employed by a contractor, Miles & Kelley Construction, who had the contract with the City. DSEA also worked with the contractor during construction when conditions were discovered that were previously unknown that affected the design.