Menifee Montessori


Start Date:
Feb. 2020
Completion Date:
Bidding Phase

An approximately 14,000 SF new childcare center on a vacant lot in Menifee. The site sits near the geographic center of Menifee and the freeways and will serve over 200 students at peak capacity. This center will serve as the first major early childhood education center serving the Menifee area and will serve children as young as infants and as old as school age children with an afterschool program that will be coordinated with the nearby schools. The project went through Planning Commission action and approval and DSEA is coordinating with Planning, Building, and Public Works Departments as well as With East Municipal Water District.

Design focused on creating a center that encourages wonder and interaction with the natural environment. Materials were chosen to represent the seasons and colors found in nature. The interiors have arrays of windows placed at the heights of a child’s eye level and will have colored film installed to add a level of playfulness to the classrooms.

Being a privately owned childcare center and understanding the nature of the childcare industry, cost control is a major factor in decision making on this project. Careful attention was paid in the development of this project to ensure the structure is cost efficient while still giving the appearance of being playful with forms and massing. The roof was designed to allow for a large array of solar panels in the future and the building layout was created in a manner to allow for additional classrooms if the need arises.