Start Date:
2014 (General Plan Amendment started in 2011)
End Date:
Construction was completed in early 2019
Completed. Fully occupied.

Novato Senior Apartments, also known as Novato Village, is a 48-unit 2-story residential development for primary occupancy by senior residents aged 55 and older. The project is in a Planned District / Reuse zone called Hamilton Field, formerly a bombardment base of the 1st Wing of the US Air Force. Decommissioned and vacated in 1975, the former base remains an important historical and community asset of Novato and the surrounding Marin county with Spanish colonial design influences. The project went through extensive design review and included a General Plan Amendment, Master Plan Amendment, Precise Development Plan. It is in a high-density multiple family zone. DSEA took over the design which was originally prepared by Humphreys & Partners Architects, and worked with our client, Investment Concepts Incorporated (ICI) to develop the project to meet city standards and design controls. The project took several years of entitlement approval which was received in 2016 after which construction plans were approved in late 2017. Construction was completed in 2019.